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what to expect

Appointment with a Doctor:

Upon arrival, please bring your pet to check in with our customer care representative at the front desk who will escort you to a private exam room. Before our technician joins you in the exam room, we encourage you to allow your pet to explore and become more comfortable with the room. Pheromone diffusers and spray are used to decrease anxiety for your pet during its visit.

Patient Intake

A technician dedicated to your pet will come in prior to the doctor to discuss your pet’s needs and take an initial health evaluation including, taking a temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate. If you are here for a wellness examination, our technician will also discuss what vaccinations, lab work, and preventatives we recommend for your pet based on their age and lifestyle, as well as the associated fees. Once the technician’s initial assessment is complete, they will discuss your pet’s needs with the veterinarian. For the safety of all involved, when your pet is examined and for any sample collection or procedures, we ask that you allow our experienced technician to utilize fear-free techniques to handle your pet.

Patient Evaluation

Our doctor will perform a full physical examination of your pet whether they are there for a wellness visit or a medical concern, giving recommendations based on both their exam findings and your concerns. Under Fear-Free recommendations, our staff will do their best to obtain samples and perform necessary treatments in the exam room to decrease stress; however, there may be times that our staff will find it necessary to ask for your permission to bring your pet to our treatment area to obtain samples or administer treatments. We know that this can be uncomfortable, but rest assured that we are giving your pet love, comfort, and keeping them safe while separated from you. Afterward, our technician will explain any medications or other instructions for your pet prior to you leaving. To decrease stress and wait times, our technicians will offer in-room check-out and future appointment scheduling prior to helping you to your vehicle. If your pet has had any lab work sent to an outside reference laboratory, you can expect to receive a call or email detailing results from our staff within 2-3 business days.

*New patients, please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to fill out the required paperwork and be entered into our records system.

Procedure drop-off and pick-up

Please arrive with your pet at your scheduled drop-off time and check in with our customer care representative at the front desk who will escort you to a private exam room. Our dedicated procedure technician will arrive to walk you through all of our procedure intake paperwork, including surgical and anesthetic consent forms, CPR directives, and additional procedure requests. They will also be available to answer any questions you may have about your pet’s procedure. Once all the necessary paperwork is complete, our technician will get your pet settled into a kennel until it is time for their procedure.

Procedures are completed between 8 am and 2 pm.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the order in which your pet’s procedure will be completed; however, you may call at any time to check on your pet. Once your pet’s procedure is complete, you will be contacted by one of our staff members with an update on your pet and to schedule a pick-up time for your pet. During your pet’s scheduled discharge, a technician will explain discharge instructions, including any medications, and answer any questions that you may have before reuniting your pet with you. To decrease stress for your pet, our technicians will offer in-room check-out and recheck appointment scheduling prior to helping you to your vehicle.

Boarding check-in and check-out:

Upon arrival, please utilize the boarding entrance (southwest side of the building) and check-in with our customer care representative, who will escort you to a private boarding intake room and alert our kennel technician that a guest has arrived.

Pet guests check-in and check-out between 9 am-11 am and 2 pm-4 pm.

If these times do not work with your schedule, we ask that you call ahead to schedule your check-in or check-out time so that a kennel technician is prepared for your arrival. Our kennel technician will ensure that all boarding requirements are up to date and boarding paperwork is complete. Our kennel technicians will be caring for your pet during their stay, so they will discuss any special needs or requests your pet has while they are with us. Please expect this process to take approximately 10-15 minutes, especially for new guests. You may expedite this process by completing your boarding forms on our website and having any vaccine records emailed to our clinic prior to drop off. Once all the appropriate paperwork is complete, your pet will be escorted to their personal suite for their stay. When your pet checks in for boarding, a check-out date and estimated time will be confirmed. If this changes for any reason during your pet’s stay, please let us know. Upon check out, our kennel technician will go over your pet’s boarding report card, including things they enjoyed about their stay and any possible recommendations for their next stay! To decrease stress for your pet, our kennel technicians will offer in-room check-out and future bookings prior to assisting you to your vehicle if needed.