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Overnight Doggy Guests

Suite Choices

Indoor Suite

$30 per night

Indoor suites have been custom designed to fit a wide variety of guest sizes, from our smallest teacup guests to the biggest gentle giants. Guests will be assigned a room for their stay that will best accommodate their size. Indoor suites are supplied with elevated beds and soft blankets.

Deluxe Suite with Private Outdoor Patio

$40 per night  

When your pet enjoys one of our deluxe rooms with a patio, their patio door will be opened by our hotel staff for free access to enjoy as much outdoor time as they please during the day, weather permitting. The patio door will be closed for safety during their nightly turndown service.

Guest services

Potty breaks

All of our doggy guests will be treated to at least four walks in our outdoor play yard with our hotel staff each day. Each walk will be individually supervised by one of our hotel staff members. This one-on-one time allows our hotel staff to give your pet individual attention throughout their stay. It also allows us to monitor for any health issues that may arise during their stay. Any concerns will be brought to the attention of and attended to by the veterinary staff. We are happy to facilitate extra outdoor time for our young and geriatric guests who may need additional potty breaks.

Meal Service

Guests are served two meals each day. Breakfast is served first thing in the morning, followed by their first walk of the day, and dinner is served prior to their last walk of the day. If your pet requires more than two meals per day, please feel free to request this from our hotel staff upon check in.

Fresh water is supplied as needed throughout the day for all guests.

Maid Service

Guest rooms are cleaned, at minimum, each morning and more often as necessary. Rooms are cleaned while our guests are having their walks and play time each day. Rooms are cleaned and disinfected with Rescue, which is not only highly effective against many serious viruses and bacteria, but, most importantly, is extremely safe for our guests. Guest rooms are dried and fresh bedding and clean bowls are provided as needed each day.


Physical and mental stimulation are vital in decreasing stress and anxiety associated with our guests being away from home and away from their beloved family members. During their stay at the Pet Hotel at Prairie Hills, our guests will enjoy daily enrichment planned by our hotel activities coordinator, and, with the help of our fully turfed, double-fenced, outdoor play yard and our fully furnished indoor play area, our doggy guests will benefit from exercise no matter the weather. Your pet will enjoy supervised playtime in the sunshine each day, weather permitting. The indoor play room contains play equipment designed for pooches and cots in case they need to rest. Each guest will have the opportunity for open play in either our outdoor or indoor play area each morning and afternoon. Play areas are fully cleaned twice daily and as needed during play times.

Nap time/Snack time

All canine guests are given a mid-day rest in their own suite. This allows our hotel staff to have one-on-one time with our guests while giving each guest some time to themselves. During this time, our guests will be treated to any extras that you have chosen for them, such as snacks, extra snuggle time, or spa experiences.


A la carte add-ons are available to make our canine guests feel more at home. Please see our list of “Extras” that we offer.

Spa Services

Canine spa services are available upon request and dependent upon each individual’s behavior. Please speak with one of our hotel staff to discuss the options for your furry friend.

Guest Requirements


In order to keep all of our guests safe, we require a negative parasite testing of their stool and that each guest is up-to-date on their vaccinations. Proof of vaccine status and negative fecal testing from your veterinarian will be required upon check in, or you may send your pet’s proof of vaccination prior to check in by emailing us at

Required vaccinations include:
  • Rabies – within the last 1 or 3 years as stated on the records from your veterinarian
  • DA2PP (distemper, adenovirus, parainfluenza, and parvovirus) – within the last 1 or 3 years as stated on the records from you veterinarian
  • Leptospirosis – within the last 1 year
  • Bordetella – within the last 1 year

Fecal testing

Guests are required to have a stool sample tested for parasites prior to boarding. Fecal testing allows for us to find and treat for common intestinal parasites prior to boarding so that our boarding facility stays parasite-free, protecting your pet as well as other guests who are staying with us. Fecal testing must be completed within the last 6 months. If your pet has not had fecal parasite testing performed, we are happy to complete this for you; however, we ask that a stool sample be dropped off at least one week prior to the start of your pet’s stay so that any necessary follow-up treatments may be completed prior to your pet’s stay with us.