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The Pet Hotel at Prairie Hills Animal Hospital

Welcome to the pet hotel at Prairie Hills Animal Hospital where we treat your pets like family! We offer doggy daycare for $25/day as well as overnight options for dogs and cats. 

Each canine guest at our full-service boarding facility enjoys a private suite with an elevated bed and soft blanket. Guests are treated to at least three walks per day outside and exercise in our state-of-the-art, climate-controlled, indoor play area when the weather does not allow for outside play.

Our feline guests enjoy their stay in a luxurious kitty condo featuring perches and a separate bathroom away from their living area. Each kitty will enjoy time to stretch their legs in the private, quiet cat boarding room while enjoying the peace of the serenity garden right outside their window, complete with bird baths and bird feeders.

Feline and canine pheromone diffusers are used throughout our boarding and veterinary facility to decrease stress for our guests when they are away from home.

Meal Time

Each of our guests are fed a breakfast and dinner of high-quality, GI friendly kibble unless you choose to bring their preferred diet from home. If your dog or cat has particular dietary needs, please let us know prior to their stay so that the availability of this diet can be discussed. Foods necessary for us to provide outside of a standard diet will be accompanied by a surcharge dependent upon the situation. All bowls are provided. If you choose to provide your own diet, please use an air tight, plastic container clearly labeled with your pet’s name.

Does your pet have special needs or chronic medications?

No need to worry, as we also offer medical boarding. With highly trained veterinary technicians and two veterinarians on staff, we will ensure that your pet’s unique needs are catered to. All medications should be provided in original bottles from your veterinarian with clearly labeled instructions.

Extra Care

We offer special “extras” for your extra special friend, including daily Frosty Paws, catnip and other treats, additional play time with your pet’s favorite toy, and spa time with a bath before going home. We know you miss your furry family when you have to leave town without them, so our hotel staff will send photos and updates on your pet via text message throughout his or her stay. See our boarding services for a full list.

After a long day of fun with our hotel staff, your pet will be treated to a turn-down service complete with a treat before being tucked in for the night.

Your Pet’s Comfort is our top priority.

We are happy to provide everything your pet needs during his or her stay with us, including beds, blankets, and food and water bowls. If you choose to bring your own beds, blankets, toys, or bowls, please ensure that they are clearly and permanently marked with your pet’s first and last name. We will try our best to ensure that they are returned to you upon check out; however, we clean and launder items regularly, and these will sometimes get mixed into our own supply. Please note that, due to safety, we cannot provide bones or rawhides of any kind during your pet’s stay. Our suites and play areas are all cleaned thoroughly between guests, daily, and as needed throughout their stay to ensure our guests’ comfort and safety. 

When you’re away, we want your pets to be as comfortable as possible. Bring your pets for a stay at The Pet Hotel at Prairie Hills and leave town knowing they are in excellent hands.

Reservations are required for all guests.
Call today to schedule a meet and greet with our staff, tour our facility,
 Or book your pet’s accommodations!