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Overnight Feline Guests

Feline Suites

$25 per night

All of our feline suites are located in a dedicated “Cats Only” room away from our canine guests. There is plenty of natural light in our cat room via the room’s large windows. Your cat can snooze the day away in the sun or spend time watching birds at the feeders placed outside the window. Each feline suite is equipped with a separate litter box room, elevated perches, soft beds, and hiding places. Privacy curtains are available as needed for those kitties who prefer more alone time.

Guest Services


All feline suites are equipped with a separate bathroom with its own ventilation. Litter boxes are cleaned twice daily or as needed throughout
your cat’s stay. Low dust, recycled paper is our litter of choice for our feline guests. However, we know that cats can be sensitive to changes in their litter substrate, so we will also have clumping, clay litter available, and we recommend choosing a litter option that most closely resembles the litter your cat prefers at home.

Meal Service

Guests are served two meals each day. Breakfast is served first thing in the morning and dinner is served at the end of the day. If your pet requires more than two meals per day, please feel free to request this from our hotel staff upon check in.


Maid Service

Guest room are cleaned, at minimum, each morning and more often as necessary. Rooms are cleaned while our guests are having exercise time out of their suites each day as they prefer.


Mental and physical enrichment are important to cats, especially during stressful times. Each of our feline guests are treated to individual time outside of their suites in the morning and afternoon. They are free to explore the room, birdwatch through the window, or climb on the exercise perches throughout the room.


A la carte add-ons are available to make our feline guests feel more at home. Please see our list of “Extras” that we offer.

Spa Services

Feline spa services are available upon request and dependent upon each individual’s behavior. Please speak with one of our hotel staff to discuss the options for your feline friend.

Guest Requirements


In order to keep all of our guests safe, we require that each guest is up to date on their vaccinations. Proof of vaccine status from your veterinarian will be required upon check in, or you may send your pet’s proof of vaccination prior to check in by emailing us at

Required vaccinations include:
  • Rabies – within the last 1 or 3 years as stated on your veterinarian’s records
  • FVRCP – within the last 1 or 3 years as stated on your veterinarian’s records

Fecal testing

Guests are required to have a stool sample tested for parasites prior to boarding. Fecal testing allows for us to find and treat for common intestinal parasites prior to boarding so that our boarding facility stays parasite-free, protecting your pet as well as other guests who are staying with us. Fecal testing must be completed within the last 6 months. If your pet has not had fecal parasite testing performed, we are happy to complete this for you; however, we ask that a stool sample be dropped off at least one week prior to the start of your pet’s stay so that any necessary follow-up treatments may be completed prior to your pet’s stay with us.